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Computed Radiography System

The HPX-1 Plus has the capability to handle extra long plates, custom cut plates & rigid cassettes. Improved optics for better imaging, 30% faster throughput on long saturated plates, improved imaging plate transport system, higher mechanical reliability and a more user-friendly DICONDE compliant software for the best experience in digital imaging.       
The HPX-1 Plus is a full width CR reader capable of running extra long imaging plates. The system has a wide dynamic range with high sensitivity, making it ideal for almost any type of imaging application. Whether youre using a gamma or X-ray source, the HPX-1 Plus high sensitivity can help reduce shot time. It shows exceptional performance in weld applications, delivering weld-quality images consistently and dependably.

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4 years ago
need for starting manual
i need manual for hpx-1 plus i bought it but their is no manual?Reply
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Caresttream NDT Capabilities Video


  • can handle a wide range of plate sizes up to 60" long, ranging from 70 mm  14-inch wide       
  • Provides wide dynamic imaging range in a single shot       
  • Reduces many multi-film shots to a single CR exposure       
  • HPX-1 can work in an environment with subdued lighting (does not need to be dark)       
  • Can run bare imaging plates or with a rigid cassettes (this can be used in normal room light)       
  • Multiple fans and filters maintain positive internal air pressure to keep dust, debris unfiltered air out of the system       
  • Integrated brushes and seals keep environmental light and dirt out


Weight120 lbs

Additional Specifications


  • 26 in (66cm) x 23 in (54.8cm) x 17.5 in (44.5cm)       
    Throughput Single Plate:       
  • 66 plates/hour for qty(1) - 14 x 17 in @ 100µm       
  • 33 plates/hour for qty(1) - 14 x 17 in @ 50µm       
    Throughput Multi-Plate Scan:       
  • 274 plates/hour for qyt(3) - 4.5 x 10 in @ 100µm       
  • 151 plates/hour for qyt(3) - 4.5 x 10 in @ 50µm       
    Pixel Pitch:       
  • 25µm, 35µm, 50µm, 100µm       
  • Laser spot is filtered not adjusted by varying power for a consistent spot
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