KLS Martin - MCO25/50 plus
by KLS Martin

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The new Martin CO2 lasers MCO 25plus and MCO 50plus represent a systematic extension of the laser-surgical product line.

The Martin CO2 lasers MCO 25plus and MCO 50plus represent a systematic extension of the laser-surgical product line. These laser units with their futuristic design impress by their ease of use and operation. The large and clearly structured Bluemode LCD gives users an excellent overview of all working parameters. The intelligent operator interface (Quick Tip Panel) ensures fast and easy parameter access and change.          These units offer users a multitude of application-oriented operating modes characterized by the highest precision along with minimal thermal load. An excellent example is the superpulse mode with its ultra-short pulse lengths of just 0.3 ms. Another highlight is the integrated Soft Scanplus scanner for controlled and gentle tissue vaporization in general and esthetic surgery. Thanks to the wide range of application instruments, the Soft Scanplus can be used across all microsurgical fields.          A comprehensive range of accessories makes the CO2 lasers ideal for use in dermatology, esthetic and plastic surgery, ENT, gynecology, proctology, neurosurgery and general surgery. A multitude of special handpieces and the high-quality Micro Point manipulator allow using these lasers with a surgical microscope as well.

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3 years ago
Quatattion for MCO 25 plus
Hello! I am interested in MCO 25 plus laser. Please give me a quatation. Thank you!Reply


[list]    [*] Quick Tip panel for easy and time-saving parameter selection     [*] Easy-moving beam delivery system with excellent beam characteristics     [*] Safe locking of the articulated (mirror-joint) arm in two different positions     [*] Versatile, user-oriented operating modes such as ultra-short single pulses, superpulse mode and cycle mode     [*] Reliable beam guidance with minimal spot sizes and high power densities     [*] Microprocessor control     [*] Five program storage locations for saving user-defined parameter sets     [*] Integrated, programmable “Soft Scan plus R” scanner for multi-disciplinary use in conjunction with  different handpieces and micromanipulators     [*] Special LineScan function for robotic vocal cord surgery     [*] Micro scan patterns for laser-assisted stapedial surgery     [*] Micromanipulator Micro Point 2 with minimal spot size of 0.11 mm and highest power densities     [*] Possibility to select and turn scan patterns directly via the Micro Point micromanipulator     [*] Comprehensive range of accessories for numerous medical fields (ENT, gynecology, dermatology, etc.)    [/list]


Laser TypeC02
Weight57 kg
Wavelength10600 nm
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