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Flow cytometer

Introducing the AQUIOS CL with an integrated sample prep module, automated reagent monitoring and barcode scanning, continuous loading with pipeline sample processing, data analysis, bidirectional LIS connectivity and automated QC.            The AQUIOSTM CL flow cytometer from Beckman Coulter is a Load & Go system available to clinical laboratories today and represents a real and significant breakthrough in flow cytometry. And it takes up less space in your lab.            Modular flow cytometry systems occupy as much as 3 to 3.5 meters (10 to 12 feet) of bench space, with their separate modules for sample preparation, specimen loading, and analysis. Along with more bench space and modules comes more cost.            The Aquios CL Load & Go Flow Cytometer is a fully integrated system housed in a compact 82 cm (32-inch) wide unit. Including its all-in-one touchscreen computer, the Aquios total footprint is no more than 1.5 meters (60 inches), or less if you place the computer on top of the main unit.

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AQUIOS How it Works Part 2 Aut...
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  • 20 minutes to the first result following sample load (measured with Tetra-1 or Tetra-2+)    
  • 25 results per hour thereafter for up-to one full 96-well plate (measured with Tetra Combo)    
  • System users come up-to-speed in one day with computer-based training and an application specialist site visit    
  • Eliminate manual pipetting steps with a simplified system design    
  • Quickly check sample status for any run with the AQUIOS CL Intelligent Scheduler    
  • Fully-integrated sample prep    
  • Automated reagent monitoring and barcode scanning capability    
  • Automated system setup    
  • Continuous loading    
  • Automated quality control    
  • Full LIS connectivity    
  • More compact than traditional modular flow systems   


Height22 in (System)
Length 22 in (System)
Width32 in (System)

Additional Specifications

  • Workstation: W: 23” (59cm); D: 5” (13cm); H: 18” (46cm)    
  • Supply Cart: W: 21” (54cm); D: 18” (46cm); H: 16” (41cm)    
  • Throughput: 20 minutes to the first result after sample load and, after the first result, it’s 25 results/hour for up to one full 96-well plate

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