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When you work at different treatment sites, you need a laser that is easy to transport, install and link to a variety of slit lamps  without the need for a service engineer or recalibration. Only the Opal Photoactivator provides a user-installable clip-on, clip-off link to a variety of slit lamps. You can easily transfer the laser from one site to another without requiring a service engineer or recalibration. Just put the Opal Photoactivator in its carrying case, take it where you want to go, and set it up yourself.

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  • Touch-screen user interface for safe, error-free operation— even in the dark  

  • Automatic contact lens list adjusts laser energy for the magnification of the contact lens chosen. Look-up tables and manual entry errors are eliminated  

  • Adjustable beam makes it easy to see through the slit lamp to the treatment spot over the lesion zone  

  • Direct spot size entry permits adjustment while observing the beam on the retina through the slit lamp


Wavelength689 nm
Laser TypeDiode
Height5 in
Length 12 in
Weight7 lbs
Width7 in

Additional Specifications

  • Power to the Cornea: 5 – 300 milliwatts delivered to slit lamp focal plane  
  • Retinal Spot Size: Up to 6400 microns  
  • Aiming Beam: Red diode, 635nm  
  • Electrical Requirements:100 – 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 110 W

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