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StarLux 500 Laser

Although the Palomar StarLux 500 is no longer in production, it remains an excellent laser and pulsed light system that will round out any medical practice. The StarLux 500 is the next generation system for the StarLux 300 which is also still a great aesthetic laser system.       
Aside from the ability to deliver a wide variety of aesthetic treatments, the StarLux 500 is truly one of the fastest systems on the used market. It offers 70% more power than its competitors, allowing for more treatments delivered in the same time frame. Patients also require less treatments to achieve the same results.

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-Jose v
5 days ago
starlux 1540
im very confused because when i connect my 1540 handpiece to do a calibration, it always fails and it says that i need to clean handpiece which i already drained the handpiece my other regular handpieces work and i dont have issues just with the 1540 is there anyone that can help.Reply


3 years ago
Clean hand piece error
I am getting the error code clean hand piece No matter what hand piece I put on the machine. They are all clean, whats going on? Is it a quick fix or do I need to bring in a professional?Reply


4 years ago
Starlux 500
any specifics about correctly flushing/cleaning the cooling fluid system?Reply
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  • Advanced Contact Cooling - regarded as the best cooling system that is delivered by a single platform.       

  • AccuSpectrum - Light is emitted from the optimal bands of the spectrum based on treatment type. Any unnecessary or excess light is filtered out to provide maximum skin protection.       

  • Smooth Pulse Technology - This technology feature ensures that pulses are delivered in a smooth and consistent pattern. A single smooth pulse protects the skin from temperature damage.       

  • Photon Recycling - Another Palomar proprietary technology the captures scattered energy and redirects it to the target. A highly efficient energy system that reduces energy waste.       


  • Permanent Hair Reduction       

  • Photofacials (Vascular and Pigmented lesions)       

  • Fractional Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing / Soft Tissue Coagulation       

  • Fractional Skin Tightening / Soft Tissue Coagulation       

  • Acne Treatments       

  • Leg Vein Treatments

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