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YC-1800 Laser

The NIDEK YC-1800 is an advanced ophthalmic laser platform, combining innovative laser delivery, improved operability, faster operation, versatility for combination laser systems.

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-Dr. Ren
10 months ago
Operation Manual
The Service manual refers to the Operation Manual for the Nidek YC-1800. How can I obtain that?Reply
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  • High operability with S-switch on joystick - The S-switch on the joystick provides changes to treatment settings while maintaining alignment on the region being treated   
  • Reliable laser output with unique D-pulse control - The YC-1800 employs D-pulse, the advanced technology to control the pulse number under the CPU, providing stable laser output without being affected by environmental conditions and change over time   
  • Dual rotatable aiming beam for accurate alignment - The dual 635 nm aiming beam offers superior targeting, which in turn enhances the speed and ease of surgery   
  • Wide range of focus shift - Focus shift enables focal point of YAG laser beam to shift within 500 µm in an anteroposterior direction from focal point of aiming beam


Wavelength1064 nm
Laser TypeNd:Yag
Weight16 kg

Additional Specifications

Output Power: 0.3 - 10 mH       
Burst Mode: 2 or 3 pulses per trip       
Target Laser: Two-beam system       
Focus: Max. ± 500 Μm in 25 Μm steps       
Power Consumption: 100 VA / 230 V AC

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