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The VISULAS YAG III is the disruption laser from Carl Zeiss Meditec designed in particular for applications in posterior capsulotomy (post-cataract therapy) and iridotomy. However, the YAG laser is also used for trabeculotomy, anterior capsulotomy and for IOL polishing. It's another milestone in the development of state-of-the-art, practice-oriented ophthalmic laser systems for photodisruption.                    
The patented ZEISS Super-Gaussian beam profile of VISULAS YAG III ensures that optical breakdown is achieved with very low pulse energies (2.5 mJ in Air). The result: fewer side effects for the patient and less risk thanks to an extremely high level of accuracy during therapy. This unique beam profile allows for efficient therapy even in the most difficult cases. The sharply defined focus of therapy beam and the highly consistent pulses permit constant tissue effects and leads to a low risk of lens pits. 

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2 months ago
error 202 energy too low !!!
every time I turn on the laser console the message of : error 202 energy too low ! appears on screen what the problem and how can I solve it please ?Reply


2 months ago
Cavity running hours
Error 203 came in my yag iii. How to check cavity's running hrs Reply


2 months ago
Error in my Zeiss visulas yag iii
Constantly getting error 701 in my system.. what's the problem? Can anyone suggest me a solution?Reply
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  • Safe - The Super-Gaussian beam profile ensures that optical breakdown is achieved with very low pulse energies. The result: fewer side effects for the patient and less risk.                    
  • Precise - The 4-point aiming beam system facilitates the ability to focus with extreme precision and to detect any astigmatic distortion before firing the laser.                    
  • Ergonomic - The design guarantees unobstructed visual contact with the patient and free access to the eye. The control console contains a large illuminated display for menu-guided operation.


Wavelength1064 nm
Laser TypeNd:Yag
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