LogiQuip - W2630TD
by LogiQuip

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W-Series "Easy Log" Integrated Data Logger with removable USB-standard! Automatically records data every 30 minutes.

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[list]      [*] Internal storage up to 2 years      [*] Digitally Controlled Heating Chambers      [*] Locking temperature set point      [*] Heat control accuracy to plus or minus 3 degrees F      [*] Rapid warm time (2-6 hours depending on load)      [*] Uniform heating      [*] Fully Insulated      [/list]


Height74.5 ft
Length 26.5 ft
Weight484 lbs
Width30 ft

Additional Specifications

Heating range:{/b] 90-160 degrees F      Electrical: 120V, 12 Amp., 50/60HZ    Compartment Dimensions (feet): 15.25H x 23D x 26W

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