Takara Belmont - Clesta II
by Takara Belmont

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The CLESTA II is available with a plethora of options and instrumentation taking advantage of specialized skills and training, the CLESTA II allows the doctor to tailor the chair to his/her needs. The unit can be configured for use by left handed individuals, as well those that are right handed. The CLESTA II is offered in two types, Air (A) and Electric (E). The A Type is air driven, making for a less complicated unit, which is easier to troubleshoot and repair. The E Type has extra functionality, such as the ability to control electric micromotors.

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[list]      [*] Fully integrated micromotor with digital display panel providing full endodontic features      [*] 3 fibre optic outlets      [*] Rotatable cuspidor with detachable bowl for improved hygiene and ease of cleaning      [*] Fully programmable chair and module for multi operator use      [*] 720S operating light featuring touch-less sensor switch, patient mirror and composite curing safe mode      [/list]


Height790 mm maximum height
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