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The Leica CM1520 delivers high-quality sections the fast, simple and efficient way. Time is crucial when sectioning frozen specimens. An actively cooled quick freezing shelf with defrost function and a powerful refrigeration system are provided to get rapid results. In a minimum of time, the specimen can be clamped and oriented with the easy-to-use orientation system.

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6 months ago

I noted that a fairly new Leica 1520 comes with 315 grams of R452A refrigerant. Does anyone know if this will be the norm - will all of the cryostat manufacturers be switching to this refrigerant, instead of R404A (which is about to be phased out)?
I did note that it does still use a Danfoss SC15G compressor (which now has a sticker on it saying "R452A"). And, unfortunately, it also still has the double e-valve.



3 years ago
Leica CM1520 cryostat - looking for e-valve module p/n?
Leica CM1520 cryostat. I am looking for the current part number for the expansion valve module. I was told that the e-valve module from the CM1850 would work, but Leica says that both part numbers I have for that have been discontinued, with no replacement. I have been unable to find a service manual or parts list for the 1520. Reply


3 years ago
Leica CM1520 cryostat refrigeration
There are two solenoids behind the lower front panel (upper right) of the Leica CM1520 cryostat. One of the solenoids, I presume, is for the defrost circuit. Can anyone tell me what the second solenoid is for? Does anyone have a service manual or any service literature?Reply


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Height1140 mm
Length 730 mm
Weight135 kg
Width730 mm with handwheel

Additional Specifications

Maximum specimen size: 55 x 55 mm or 50 x 80 mm      Specimen orientation: 8° (x, y, z-axis)      Section thickness adjustment: 260 µm      total specimen feed: 25 mm      Vertical stroke: 59 mm

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