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Boston Scientific's most advanced pacemakers are now MR-conditional.

ACCOLADE MRI and ESSENTIO MRI models can be used as part of the ImageReady MR-Conditional Pacing System for safe and effective scanning in 1.5T MRI environments when MRI Conditions of Use are met.  ACCOLADE MRI and ESSENTIO MRI Pacemakers feature the LATITUDE NXT Patient Management System, which offers wireless remote monitoring for earlier intervention and better patient outcomes. 

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5 years ago
Essentio MRI pacemaker short battery life?
Essentio MRI L111 pacemaker went from 8 years 'Time to Explant' in October down to 3 years now in December. Anyone had similar experience?Reply


  • Checks lead impedances
  • Checks intrinsic amplitudes
  • Captures thresholds
  • The new Atrial Arrhythmia Report is now available with ACCOLADE MRI Pacemakers, providing a comprehensive view of patient’s AT/AF status and information for assessing AF treatment efficacy†
  • ACCOLADE MRI Pacemakers carry forward the HF PERSPECTIV System, a comprehensive suite of diagnostic tools that can provide insight into HF disease progression including Respiratory Rate Trend (RRT) which allows users to measure and track user's patient’s respiration; Heart Rate Variability (HRV) footprint; SDANN; Autonomic Balance Monitor and heart rate trend showing long-term maximum, minimum and average heart rate


Boston Scientific - ACCOLAD MRI L310

Boston Scientific - ACCOLADE MRI L311

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Boston Scientific - ESSENTIO™ MRI L110

Boston Scientific - ESSENTIO™ MRI L111

Boston Scientific - ESSENTIO™ MRI L131

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