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The Kinetec 5090, for treatment of the idiopathic club foot, restores or maintains ankle and subtalar mobility in addition to preventing fibrosis and periarticular soft tissue changes.        Pre-operative mobilisation eliminates the need for surgery in certain cases. In other cases the improvement in mobility of the club foot makes the operation easier. The apparatus may also be used in the post-operative phase of treatment.        [b]INDICATIONS[/b]    The use of the device is indicated in any joint stiffness of the foot, whether congenital or acquired, as long as the articular surfaces are normal or only slightly deformed.        [b]Congenital talipes equino-varus[/b]    Pre-operative mobilisation from the age of 3 months allows certain cases to avoid surgery. In other cases theimprovement in mobility of the hind foot makes the operation easier. The apparatus may be used afterwards for post-operative movement.        [b]Sequellae of burns, trauma and nonspastic foot paralysis…[/b]    may also be mobilised either by pure passive movement, or as part of a programme comprising a surgical procedure supported by pre and post-operative periods of continuous motion.

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[list]    [*] Three dimensional movements possible:    > Plantar flexion to Dorsi-flexion    > Adduction-Varus to Abduction-Valgus    > Plantar flexion-Adduction-Varus to Dorsi-flexion-Abduction-Valgus    [*] Digital controls allow easy programming    [*] Displacement transmitted to the sole of the foot respects the functional axis of the relevant joint    [*] Reverses the movement when abnormal forces are detected    [/list]

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