Kinetec - Breva
by Kinetec

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Continuous Passive Motion Unit

The Kinetec Breva provides anatomically correct motion to the ankle and rear foot. It can be used in bed or while sitting in a chair.

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[list]    [*] Two dimensional movements possible:    > Plantar Flexion 40° to Dorsiflexion 30°    > Eversion 25° to Inversion 25°    [*] Advanced hand control to maximise programs and protocols    [*] Passive mobilisation of the following fractures after internal fixation:    > Malleolar fractures    > Tibial pilon fractures    > Talar fractures    > Calcaneal fractures    [*] Warm-Up: Offers the patient a gradual progression to the pre-set full ROM.    [*] Modulation: Allows manual setting of the ROM end-point based on patient tolerance.    [*] ROM By Pass: Allows bypassing the pre-set ROM end points during the current treatment session.    [*] Programme: Allows set-up of up to 16 customised programmes.    [*] Timer: Adjustment of the session time.    [*] Force: Work out of Concentric / Eccentric.    [*] Pause: Adjustable in extension or flexion limit. Allowing the rest or the posture.        [*] Mobilisation of the joints of the foot after operative or conservative treatment of lesions of the:    > Achilles tendon    > Lateral collateral ligament    > Medial collateral ligament    > Surgical lengthening of the Achilles tendon for post-traumatic stiffness.    [/list]


Height56 cm
Length 45 cm
Weight12.5 kg
Width37 cm

Additional Specifications

Foot sizing: 19 cm to 29 cm    Speed: 50° to 150° per minute    Voltage: 100 to 240 Volts 50/60Hz

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