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Advanced disease management capabilities through collections of algorithms and advanced networking. The MAC 5500HD system offers the sophistication required for advanced ECG applications, while its ease of use extends this level of performance to a broad range of possible users. Non-invasive testing solutions designed to maximize patient throughput and department productivity.

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a month ago
Printing half pages
Hi everyone, I have a printing issue. Only half the page is being printed, not the top half or bottom half so not suspecting the printer assembly. Its only printing the first 1/4 of the page in full and the rest of the page is entirely blank. Any suggestions are appreciated in advance.Reply


2 months ago
Doers anyone have the part number for the main boards in a mac 5500Reply


9 months ago
Printer ECG
Hello, I have a cart that will not print . It will not print after the EKG is performed, or from the File Manager. There is a response/message at all when the Print button is pressed : Replace paper and print not respond, I try to replace paper and reload the process, but the error is still. I'am sure no problem with paper position, can you tell me how to repair this problem?Reply


  • Advanced algorithms in ECG analysis and interpretation.   
  • Easy-to-use applications and features streamline productivity and workflow.   
  • Enhanced connectivity when combined with MUSE* Cardiology Information System to speed data storage and ECG retrieval.   
  • Digital CAM-HD acquisition module helps reduce noise and artifact for clearer ECG tracings and improved accuracy in detecting the presence of pacemaker spikes.   
  • Large field-of-view display provides a clear view of the screen from any angle.   
  • Analog ECG output facilitates easy integration with other cardiac-diagnostic devices, such as echocardiography and nuclear medicine systems.   
  • Extensive customization – including display and final-report formatting – accommodates individual user preferences.   
  • Stress option incorporates GE’s proven exercise-testing technologies. Signal-acquisition advances help reduce baseline wander and ST-segment distortion to generate clearer, more defined ECGs.   
  • Barcode and magnetic card reader options help reduce errors by automating the input of patient data.   
  • Security protocols and user-configurable password protection help address data security and HIPAA concerns.   
  • Trolley design features a convenient holder for the acquisition module, ample writing surface area, wide bins, and a covered storage compartment.   
  • Compact system design offers easy mobility.

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How to Read an EKG - Interpreting Waveforms

How to Read an EKG - Interpreting Waveforms

Everyone knows that EKGs are associated with the quality of life of someone inpatient, and that the parameters can determine someones vital signs.

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