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The Holmium Laser for Lithotripsy

The Dornier Medilas H 20 is a superior holmium YAG laser specially designed for the treatment of stones and soft tissue. The system has the capability to treat a diverse spectrum of urological applications due to its 20 watt power and 2.1 micron wavelength. Irrespective of their hardness and chemical consistency, the high-energy pulses fragment urinary calculi. Complemented by a spectrum of flexible lightguide fibers, virtually all stone locations are accessible in endoscopic applications.     
The Dornier Medilas H 20 is a highly effective lithotripsy treatment option with a greater than 95% fragmentation rate.It can be used to treat a variety of applications in the field of urology and arthroscopy including soft tissue such as tumor ablation and the treatment of strictures.The energy can be transmitted through thin fibers.These fibers are inserted through the operating channel of small lumen endoscopes for treating lesions and calculi in the ureter, bladder or kidneys.

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8 months ago
" Failure LightGuide Data "
The Medilas H UroPulse ( Holmium Laser - 20W ) We are in the midlle surgery, the laser is on/off all the time with the message " Failure Light Guide Data " - Could you please tell me what error is. Is that we used wrong size of laser fibre? damaged laser fibre" or sth wrong with the machine? Any troubleshooting ? For this machine, we only use 270nm and 400nm laser fibres only? Many thanks Reply


5 years ago
service manual
need service manualReply


5 years ago
service message
How do you clear the needs service messageReply


  • Enhanced Targeting  - The laser is equipped with a green aiming beam which aids in targeting and is easily seen during procedures           

  • State-of-the-Art Display  - The state-of-the-art, touch sensitive color screen aids in the viewing of display controls.The bi-modal screen allows flexibility for individual user preferences.In addition, the system is designed with user-definable protocol setting           

  • Treatment Control  - The distinctive accelerator foot pedal allows treatment flexibility by providing the operator the ability to change the pulse frequency.Adding pressure to the foot pedal will increase the pulse frequency and decrease treatment time           

  • Effective Lightguides  - Dornier uses the latest fiber technology for the Medilas H 20. The special design provides maximum transmission of the energy to the stone for enhanced therapeutic effectiveness while protecting the sensitive input optics of the laser.The result is effective treatments and increased reliability of the system           


  • Fragmentation of uteteroliths and kidney stones           

  • Cystolithotripsy of large urinary calculi           

  • Intrarenal neoplasms           

  • Uretal and urethral strictures           

  • Bladder tumors           

  • Pulmonology           

  • Gastroenterology           

  • Gynecology           

  • ENT           

  • General Surgery


Height43 in
Length 30 in
Weight176 lbs
Width17 in
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