ConMed Linvatec - 40L Dual Port
by ConMed Linvatec

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ConMed Linvatec 40L Dual Port Insufflator

The ConMed Linvatec 40L Insufflator exhibits the state-of-the-art in insufflation and has advanced features for all types of laparoscopic surgery. The 40L Insufflator is compatible with the three ConMed Linvatec insufflation tube sets to ensure tubing standardization with previous insufflators.

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[list]    [*] 40 LPM maximum flow rate - Safe insufflation for any laparoscopic procedure    [*] Dual gas outputs - Delivers twice the actual flow rate of single port insufflators    [*] CPS™ compatible - Continuous Pressure Sensing increases average flow rate, manages leaks better and eliminates the "breathing effect". CPS™ tube sold separately    [*] Gas Warmer compatible - ergonomic delivery of body temperature CO2    [*] Sm@Rt™ compatible: Nurse's Assistant® Touch-Screen Control and display of insufflator functions and readings    [*] On-screen video display of pressure, flow, volume and alarms    [/list]


Height6.9 in
Length 14.8 in
Weight24 lbs
Width13.3 in

Additional Specifications

Input Voltage Range: 90 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz

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