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Heating/Vaporizing Insufflation Unit

Traditional carbon dioxide (CO2) gas used for insufflation is dry and cold. While most patients and care providers have not thought much about the relative humidity of this gas and its effects on the human body, it has been shown to be profound. The traditional state of the CO2 is drier than desert air and cold relative to the patient’s body. The dry CO2causes drying of the delicate tissues in the body, specifically the peritoneal cells. This results in hypothermia, desiccation, and increased inflammatory response causing patients to experience shoulder pain and other post-operative pain.        The Insuflow® humidifies and warms the CO2 gas to 95°F and 95%RH and has been proven in numerous scientific studies to provide patients many benefits.        The Insuflow® is a compact easy-to-use disposable device that creates the best conditions to perform laparoscopic surgery. It is compatible with all insufflators. The Insuflow® technology has received several patents. The Insuflow® has been cleared for the United States market by FDA and has received the European Union market CE Mark. Please review the clinical studies to see how your patients can benefit from implementing the Insuflow®.

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[list]    [*] Less post-operative pain    [*] Reduced hypothermia    [*] Less damage to tissues leading to decreased inflammatory response    [*] Shorter recovery time    [*] Improved outcomes    [*] Improved visualization    [/list]

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