Ohio Medical - Oxygen Flowmeter 7700 Series
by Ohio Medical

7700 Series Flowmeters

Ohio Medicals 7700 Series Pressure Compensated Flowmeter is designed to meet strict standards of durability and accuracy. The base is constructed of solid aluminum and finished in a clear anodized plating. The flow control valve consists of a precision needle valve threaded into a brass seat. This provides extended resistance to wear and corrosion. Flowmeters are available with a wide variety of options including DISS Power outlets and twin Flowmeter configurations. They are also available with an optional plastic DISS tubing nipple and a multitude of wall adapters. Available as single, twin or duplex configurations with and without power outlets.

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  • Accurate: Individually tested for accuracy   
  • White background improves visibility of float ball and the 'second look connector' prevents medical gas connection errors   
  • Durable: Solid brass body with impact resistant flow tube   
  • Back pressure compensated so flow accuracy is not affected by restrictions

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