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For smart intra-hospital transport and bedside monitoring

The convenient CARESCAPE* Monitor B450 is robust and flexible enough to meet a patient’s changing acuity and care needs, and light enough to travel with the patient throughout your hospital. Just unplug from the bedside and go; the wireless capability allows for continuous patient monitoring and data continuity. Flexible design allows for a multi-parameter module with hemodynamic measurements and one additional single-width measurement module.    Transportable and affordable, the CARESCAPE Monitor B450 has been designed with emergency departments and surgery centers in mind.

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a month ago
I want to install a new usb to serial driver on this monitor to integrate it with a electronic medical record

Is it possible to go into the backend and update/ install new drivers for devices that plug into this monitor? the Driver that is installed for the cable we are trying to use is not produced anymore but the monitor wont accept any new cables



-Tyler Tufte
a year ago
ERROR Code 0xHOST1005

I am receiving an error code "0xHOST1005". I cannot find this code in any GE service manual or website. Does anyone know what this error code means, or what might be causing it.  Thank you!




-Emily M.
a year ago
Replacing CPU Timekeeper Battery

It's been over 5 years for my CPU battery to be replaced. It wasn't giving the service error code - I'm just following PM procedure. Now that I've replaced the CR2032, it is now giving that error code and won't clear even if I try changing the time. Has anyone else experienced this? Any tricks?

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Height20 cm
Length 39.7 cm
Weight5 kg
Width30 cm
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