Hudson RCI - ConchaTherm III
by Hudson RCI

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Hudson RCI ConchaTherm III 380-80 heated humidifier offers the utmost in simplicity, while providing the option to make adjustments and customize settings in response to unique patient or environmental challenges or in keeping with hospital protocols.

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6 years ago
Can't get it open!
Hi Everyone: I have a Concha III that I am trying to open in order to look at the probe connection. I received an error that indicated this. Anyway, taking off each plate on the sides, will separate the top side, but not the bottom side. There are two pieces that I have to press down on, in order to slide (I am assuming) the front part off so that I can view the control board. I worked on it nearly an hour trying to get it off. Is there an easier way? I'm going nuts here!Reply


6 years ago
Anyone have the service manual for this?Reply
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