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A lightweight, compact transport incubator

The Airborne 750i Transport Incubator is designed so you can provide exceptional care to newborns during intra-hospital transport. The Double-wall hood reduces heat loss while providing total access and high visibility. The system accommodates minimally 2 gas cylinders & can be mounted on a rigid cart or a foldable ambulance stretcher.

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6 years ago
Airborne 750I incubator
How to replace the battery Reply


9 years ago
Service Manual or Parts support

I am looking for a service manual or parts list for a 750i Airbourne transport isolette made by International Biomedical. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Timothy

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  • Double Wall Hood - Reduces radiant heat loss while providing total access with high visibility Internal Long Life Battery
  • Adjustable, High-Intensity Exam Light - Improves visualization during transport Audible & Visual Alarms
  • Lightweight - Easy to move by ground or air where weight is a critical factor Visible Temp Display & User-Friendly Controls
  • Compact - Narrow enough to be mounted onto a stretcher and can be easily moved even in tight spaces by only one person IV Pole
  • Large double-wall infant chamber with 360° visibility
  • Head access door
  • Front access door
  • 2 hand ports
  • 5 accessory ports for IV/respiratory tubing
  • Slide out intubation tray and mattress
  • High-intensity exam light
  • Up to 5-hour battery life when transport time is critical


Height48.25 in
Length 50 in
Weight166.5 lbs
Width24 in
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