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The Alsatom MPC System is a new generation of electrosurgical units developed using the digital technology with control system by microprocessor.

Alsatom SU 100-MPC is the same to the model SU50-MPC but, having a max output power of 140W, it is able to meet better every surgical need, including gynaecology, veterinary and etc. This model is also suitable for fulguration in the bladder under liquid.

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9 years ago
round loop elecrtode

we need round loop elecrtode for the Cautery machine Alsatom SU-100/MPC




10 years ago
how much does it cost?



13 years ago
user manual
how to assemble and use the unitReply
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The Alsatom has 5 currents, 3 in the mod. 140/BD (bipolar only), to meet every need and all the currents have a starting impulse electronically controlled to get the best results by using the lowest possible output power. The currents are:  

  • CUT - without modulation for pure cut without haemostasis;   
  • BLEND - modulated combination of currents for cut and haemostasis for coagulating cut   
  • COAG - a high voltage “fulguration” for coagulation without contact and with strong superficial effect. It is indispensable for many surgical needs   
  • MICRO - a low voltage “pin-point, soft”, extremely precise with excellent depth effect (ex. for depilation in dermatology);   
  • BIPOLAR - without modulation and extremely precise “micro” coagulation.    The model Alsatom SU140/BD-MPC has in addition to bipolar coagulation 2 currents for bipolar cut mode;   
  • CUT - without modulation, for cutting;   
  • BLEND - modulated for coagulating cut.


Height10 cm
Length 21 cm
Weight4.5 kg
OutPut Frequency475 kHz
Width24 cm

Additional Specifications

  • Electronic Generator - According to IEC 601-1 IEC 601-2-2 III Ed. CE Marking 0051 (93/42 - Class II B)   
  • Classification and type/ Output circuit - class I-CF Floating - protected against for the use of defibrillator (HF leakage < 150 mA)   
  • Monopolar/bipolar working frequency - 475 kHz   
  • Mains and absorption - Volt 230/110 ~ 50/60 Hz - 260 VA (175 VA mod. SU-50/MPC)   
  • Cooling system - By convection, without fan   
  • Control System - MPC System - By microprocessor with selftest and stop in case of fault (Error Code Notification)   
  • Output Power System - ADC System - Real-time Automatic Dynamic Control by means microprocessor and stop in case of fault (Output error)   
  • Neutral plate safety circuit - Connection check with automatic output power block and alarm (intermittent sound, red light)   
  • Acoustic and luminous signals - According to IEC 60601-2-2/III ed.   
    Cut section (low sound, yellow light) Coag. section (high sound, blue light)   
  • Dimensions and weight (LxDxH) - Alsatom SU 50-MPC, Alsatom SU 100-MPC:   
    cm 21x24x10 - kg 4.50 Alsatom SU 140-MPC, Alsatom SU 140/D-MPC: cm 24x24x10 - kg 4.75
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