Eschmann - TD411-RS
by Eschmann

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Eschmann is one of the leading names in electrosurgical technology.

[b]Eschmann is one of the leading names in electrosurgical technology. With major advances in surgical procedures, Eschmann have perfected the TD411RS electrosurgery unit to the point where it offers unrivalled performance.[/b][i][/i]                [b]Unrivalled cutting and coagulation performance[/b]        The TD411RS electrosurgery unit is a unique combination of bipolar and monopolar generators in one simple to operate unit. Its single bipolar, monopolar cut and monopolar coagulation generators provide no fewer than seven separate research-based cut and coagulation output modes - each surgical mode is easy to use, giving optimal speed and precision - essential when the minimisation of tissue damage is a priority.                [b]Greater protection for patient and operator[/b]        The unit incorporates advanced safety monitors which work together to minimise the risk to the patient, surgeon and theatre staff. These include Plate Continuity, Plate Attachment, Patient Earth, Plate Voltage and Excess Power Monitors.                [b]Designed for speed, accuracy and simplicity of use[/b]        Clear, colour-coded front panels enable the user to select monopolar or bipolar modes at the touch of a button. Cut, coagulation and bipolar modes are operated by separate rotary output controls, which eliminate the need to reset.

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-eng abdalrhman faqieh
a year ago
shorts bn 732052

Hello I have a device that has a problem with cutting shorts happen in the circuit and the fuse burns I tried to look for the maintenance manual and I couldn't get it I hope for help



5 years ago
Service manual
Hello I am looking for sevice manual for : Eschmann - TD411-RS can any one help meReply


-Imran Nadir
6 years ago
A eletrosurgical unit Escmann TD411 RS monopular function is working good but bipolar function is not work. I check footswitch and bipolar forcep both ok .plz guide me where the problem. If possible plz provide me schematics diagram this unit Reply
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Weight17 kg
OutPut Frequency475 kHz Monopolar
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