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Provides solutions for cardiac specialists in virtually all cardiac imaging procedures.

Avanta is an advanced fluid management system that is flexible enough for multiple cardiac imaging applications; coronary, ventriculograms and aortograms, and more. This single system is intended to inject contrast in variable mode at low flow rates and low pressures for coronary and small vessels, fixed mode at high flow rates and high pressure injections for larger vessels and peripherals, and fixed mode for saline flushing. Developed to provide cardiac clinicians flexibility enough for virtually all cardiac contrast injection needs, MEDRAD's Avanta is also expected to lead the way in contrast efficiency. Of course, in MEDRAD tradition, Avanta has been designed with safety, ease-of-use and reliability in mind.

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-Mike Lane CBET
5 years ago
Need to PM injector
Other than Medrad, need 3rd party service to come on site and PM injectorReply


-George Warren
6 years ago
pm and repair service
pm and service providers in Philadelphia PennsylvaniaReply


6 years ago
Medrad avanta injector asking for calibration. Does anyone know how to do the calibration because I can't find it on the settings?Reply
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  • On-screen tutorial for simplified setu
  • Single-patient and multi-patient disposables (up to five patients
  • Pedestal or table mounting with independent mounting of display and injection uni
  • Easy-to-read, color touchscreen\


  • Precise control of coronary injection, especially with small catheters
  • Accurate injection pressure control with user-adjustable pressure limits
  • Redundant air management system with level sensing and gross air detection
  • Reduced radiation exposure for operator


  • Distinct bolus sharpness feature
  • Exact variable and fixed-flow delivery
  • Increased accuracy and responsiveness with hand controller (when compared to hand injection)
  • Automatic transition from injection to hemodynamic state


Injector Syringe ConfigurationSingle
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