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Provides saline flush apabilities and robust protocol options for the most advanced clinical applications.

Stellant D CT injector is a full-featured, dual syringe injection system that enables clinicians to perform the most critical CT contrast exams, including Cardiac CT and Coronary CTA. Stellant D with DualFlow gives you control of contrast enhancement in both sides of the heart and in the coronary arteries. Find out more about DualFlow or read new research showing the clinical advantages of Stellant D and DualFlow.

Because it is a dedicated, dual-head CT injection system, Stellant D allows you programming flexibility, including the exclusive ability to use saline before AND after contrast. From Saline test injection to timing boluses, Stellant D expands the number of protocols available to you with a single CT injector. Stellant D introduces saline flush capability for CT imaging sites that need to produce optimal images using the most advanced clinical applications, such as those for Cardiac Angio and CTA.Stellant D also provides intuitive automation and convenience features that can lead to reduced setup times and shortened overall scan times.

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18 days ago
touch screen

touch screen on monitor not working , is there a solution to use mouse and keyboard or another touch screen external



2 months ago
error-num -311

Hi, do you know what mean the error-num -311 with a Sym Code SW. 



7 months ago
Swift ans spare parts
Hi, I would like to purchase swift and spare parts for Medrad equipment specifically Stallant D and SSEP.

Equipment: MedRad - Stellant D

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  • Saline Flush capability for contrast efficiency, improved image quality, and reduced image artifact
  • Easily upgradeable Software and Hardwar
  • Improved syringe design for quick, easy install and detachment of CT syringe
  • Automation Features; Integrated Auto Load, Auto Retract, Auto Prime, Auto Syringe Sensing
  • Remote Check For Air confirmation button on CT injector head
  • Remote Arming at CT injector head
  • Color Touchscreen
  • Pressure Monitor Graph to display real-time pressure during injection
  • Programmable Pressure Limit
  • Integrated Test Inject to ensure patency of vein
  • Graphical, real-time Flow Profile
  • Stopwatch Timer
  • Protocol Lock


Injector Syringe ConfigurationDual
Modality CompatibililtyCT
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