MedTron - Accutron Injector CT-D
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CT-dual-syringe injector for application of contrast and saline

Flexibility and mobility thanks to independent operation of the mains supply and Bluetooth connection to the wireless touch-screen remote control receive priority among patient safety and optimisation of workflow.

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8 months ago
hand switch and remote cable

hello please i need to by the hand switch and the remote cable for the accutron injector CT-D

Equipment: MedTron - Accutron Injector CT-D



8 months ago
remote cable and trigger cable

hello i need to by the remote cable betwen de inyector and the console and the the hand switch plus cable



a year ago
Error Syringe holder
Accutron Injector CT-D showed me an error syringe holder. i tried moving the piston to zero position and then restarting the device, it doesn't work. if anyone can help me, i'd appreciate it. Equipment: MedTron - Accutron Injector CT-D

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  •  Multiphase, program controlled injection of contrast agent and physiological saline solution
  • Operation is independent of the mains supply, thanks to high output rechargeable batteries with a capacity sufficient for up to two days' operation
  • Integrated heat able syringe holders for Easy Loading Syringe (ELS) 200 ml
  • Keep-Vein-Open (KVO) feature
  • Touch-screen control panel with different languages
  • Wireless touch-screen remote control
  • Alternatively, display of injection parameter or pressure graph
  • Hand switch to start and stop the injection
  • Buttons for manual piston movement, starting and stopping the injection
  • Automatic power saving mode (stand-by-function)
  • Secured injection position: injection position at an angle of about 15° below horizontal (built-in sensor), tilt vertically upwards to vent the system
  • 80 injection protocols can be defined and stored by the use


Injector Syringe ConfigurationDual

Additional Specifications

  • Maximum injection volume: 2 x 200 ml
  • Maximum pressure: 21 bar (304 psi), programmable from 5 to 21 bar in 1 bar increments (72.5 to 304 psi in 14.5 psi increments)
  • Flow rate: 0.1 - 10 ml/s, programmable in steps of 0.1 ml/s; alternatively, input of flow rate or phase duration

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