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The Radiometer ABL 5 Blood Gas Analyzer can Fulfill your basic critical care testing needs.

Manufactured by Radiometer, this instrument can conduct pH, pCO2 and pO2 assays on 85 µL whole-blood sample. The Radiometer ABL 5 is an affordable option for units and practices running few tests per day. The analyzer, having a standby function, offers high reliability and stability.

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7 years ago
Need user manual

Pls, anyone do you have it? Thanks!



10 years ago
To buy electrodes

Need to buy pH electrode for my ABL 5  

I think that the distribuitor in my country is very expensive, he wants almost $4000 (dolars) for one pH electrode. Is it OK?  Can I find another provider? 

Thanks for the answer to: 




11 years ago
PCO2 sensitivity

I have made some maintenance for ABL5 lately (replacing the membranes and the rinse solution and re-adjust the gas flow) and everything went fine and instrument was ok. After 3 days of shutting down (after maintenance), all parameters are almost ok except for PCO2 reading sensitivity, it reads 537. I don't know the cause of this very high sensitivity reading?!!!

The other thing I did not liked in ABL5 is the long time taking in calibration to set normal values after shut down. I know it should be running continuously but due to lack of fund forced me to shut down the instrument to save solutions. They are really very expensive and we are just non-profit educational/research institute.



[list]  [*] Measures pH, pCo2, and pO2 from 85 µL whole blood sample   [*] Standby function reduces operating costs   [*] Cost-effective analyzer - especially for units running few tests per day   [*] Easy sample introduction   [*] Intuitive user interface  [/list]


Height39 cm
Length 20 cm
Weight8.8 kg
Width34 cm
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