Radiometer - ABL80 FLEX
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Portability and fast turnaround time in point-of-care testing

Suitable for POC testing in low-, medium- and high-volume testing sites, the ABL80 FLEX measures pH, blood gas, electrolyte, oximetry and metabolite parameters. This portable, cartridge-based analyzer features fast cycle time and automated QC for maintenance-free operation.

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3 years ago
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5 years ago
How to find MAC address
I am trying to find out the MAC address of the instrument. Does anyone know how to do this?Reply


-Toraj Hemati
5 years ago
Maintenance of ABL80 flex
Dear sir or Mam, I need a copy of operator manual of the blood gas ABL80 flex. as you should know I dont know how should we do daily maintenance of it or how often cleaning or rinsing should be done and also with what a solution? would you mind to inform me and send a copy of user manual/ Thanks Dr Toraj Hemati CLS PhD in Hematology & transfusion medicineReply


[list]      Fast TAT at the point of care        [*] 100 seconds from result to result (140 seconds with CO-OX)       [*] Start-up time ~8 minutes after change of cassette (20 minutes with CO-OX)       [*] Sample volume of only 70 µL of whole blood (105 µL with CO-OX)             Ease of use       [*] Customizable user interface        [*] Automated entry and logging of consumables enabled via smart chips        [*] Simple and fast replacement of consumables        [*] Fast and accurate data input with integrated barcode scanner             Automatic quality control        [*] Three levels (low, normal, high) of aqueous QC material spanning a broad portion of the reportable range        [*] Continual system checks        [*] Levey-Jennings plots for easy graphical overview             Full flexibility        [*] The small size fits anywhere    [*] Carry or move it on a rolling stand        [*] Several parameter panels and test volumes make it suitable for a variety of testing sites    [*] Fully operational on batter          Connectivity and seamless IT integration       [*] Ethernet network connection ensures easy documentation        [*] All common communication protocols, including POCT1-A*        [*] Data backup with read/write CD drive and USB ports        [*] The ABL80 FLEX is part of 1st automatic, the world’s first automatic blood gas analysis system      [/list]


Length 11 in
Weight19 lbs
Width9 in
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