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Automated benchtop analyzer

Ideal for medium- to high-volume testing sites, the ABL800 FLEX measures any combination of pH, blood gas, electrolyte, oximetry and metabolite parameters. This highly accurate analyzer offers many automated features to help you streamline your work process and reduce errors.

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-John Karl
3 years ago
Barcode Not Recognized
Barcode not recognized when performing Fluid replacement. Entered manually the barcode number but machine failed to recognized. For Cal 1 and Cal 2. Reply


6 years ago
Need Manual
Hi, I need technical manual thank youReply


7 years ago
Error messages
0877 flexq position error. Can anyone help with this error message pleaseReply


[list]  Automatically identify, mix and measure samples   [*] FLEXQ module automatically identifies, mixes and measures up to three samples in succession   [*] Automated identification and mixing reduce risk of operator errors   [*] Samples are automatically conveyed to the inlet and aspirated into the analyzer, so operators are free to return to their patients    Get lab-quality results at the point of care   [*] 128 wavelengths for full CO-oximetry    [*] Automatic measurement and suppression of interferences from fetal hemoglobin, bilirubin, intralipids and sulfhemoglobin    [*] No interference from Evans Blue and Cadio Green on oximetry results    [*] Accurate glucose and lactate measurements    [*] Fully automated micromodes ensure accuracy of very small samples    [*] FLEXMODE ensures high sample success rate of precious capillary samples by providing the highest number of parameters as reliably possible    Achieve maximum control and efficiency   [*] Windows® XP operating system    [*] Automatic result processing, test ordering and transmission to the LIS system    [*] Automatic data archiving and customizable layout    [*] Data backup with read/write CD-ROM drive    [*] USB ports for easy connection of e.g. flash drives, keyboards, etc.    [*] Hospital network integration through ASTM, HL7 and POCT1A standard communication protocols or via RADIANCE STAT analyzer and data management system   [*] The ABL800 FLEX is part of 1st automatic, the world’s first automatic blood gas analysis system  [/list]

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