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Segmental Body Composition Analyzer

[b][i]The product is no longer manufactured by the manufacture.[/i][/b]                The addition of hand grips to Tanita's standard platform-based electrode system allows the BC-418 body composition analyzer to calculate regional body composition, empowering healthcare professionals to better determine health risks associated with abdominal fat.                Tanita is proud to introduce a significant improvement to the calculation of Basal Metabolic Rate. Instead of simply relying on weight, age, and gender, Tanita's proprietary formula takes into account Fat Free Mass, providing a higher level of accuracy compared to current BMR. Through the use of 8 polar electrodes, the Tanita BC-418 Segmental Body Composition Analyzer can show separate body mass readings for the right arm, left arm, trunk, right leg and left leg. It also prints out a complete body composition profile in seconds: including Weight, Body Fat Percentage, Body Fat Mass, Body Mass Index (BMI), Fat Free Mass, Estimated Muscle Mass, Total Body Water and Basal Metabolic Rate. The all-in-one compact column mount design, with integrated printer, makes the BC-418 perfect for use in small, dedicated spaces.                Tanita's professional Body Composition Analyzers provide weight and a complete body composition analysis in less than 30 seconds. All professional models use a single-point load cell weighing system in the scale platform to guarantee absolute precision and unbelievable longevity (up to 300, 000 uses before calibration.)

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[list]      Quantifies the following body segments:      [*] Trunk      [*] Right Arm      [*] Left Arm      [*] Right Leg      [*] Left Leg            Modes of Operation:      [*] Weight Only      [*] Athlete      [*] Goal setter      [/list]


Height3.5 in platform
Length 14.7 in platform
Weight26.5 lbs
Width13 in platform

Additional Specifications

Weight Capacity: 0.2 lbs - 440 lbs

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