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Analyser Measurement & Simulator

CITREX is designed for mobile and easy use while still meeting all requirements of day-to-day field operations. Its capabilities allows it to analyse the performance of a wide variety of medical devices. Examples of gas flow or pressure producing devices are: respiratory ventilators, endoscopic insufflators, anesthetic machines, oxygen flow meters, pressure gauges and suction devices.

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[list]   [*] Bidirectional flow measurement - allows extremely precise, bidirectional flow, volume and pressure measurement with low measuring resistance   [*] Respiratory parameters in real-time graphs - up to 25 relevant respiratory parameters based on volume, flow and pressure are continuously measured   [*] CITREX Webserver - the software offers real-time curves, trending, cursors and reporting capabilities in Excel format   [/list]


Battery Analyzer0
Height7 cm
Length 6 cm
Weight0.4 kg
Analyzer/Simulator TypeGas Flow
Voltage Range50 to 60 Hz
Width11.4 cm
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