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For truly unrestricted diagnostics and therapy.

The high performance table for endourology and urodiagnostics lets you experience a higher level of patient care in urology. Our image intensifier based X-ray system offers unrestricted patient access from all fours sides. This means no more patient repositioning and the anesthetist does not have to change the working position.

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2 months ago
Image System Disk PN#7757532

Does anyone have disk pn# 7757532 image system for this system? 



-Kelly Walker, CRES, CBET
2 years ago
How can staff generate a Dose Report?
System off contract and Applications support is billable. $340.00/30 minute minimum Report needed, if possible, would need to be sent to our PACs for complianceReply


2 years ago
Error 711/80 - Siemens UROSKOP Access
Problem Desc: The original problem was that Error 711/80 was displayed when attempting to flouro. Gaskets and corona disks were replaced on HV cables at the tube end, and silicon oil was applied. Error 711/80 was cleared, but images were out of focus/blurry. After continuing to flouro, image quality improved until the problem was resolved. A few days later, out of focus/blurry images were reported with no error. Currently unable to reproduce the problem, system is functioning properly. Questions: What does Error 711/80 mean? What could cause intermittent out of focus images? Has anyone ever seen this problem and what was the solution?Reply


[list]    [*] Unrestricted patient access - Unrestricted patient access from all four table sides and the omission of any need for patient repositioning or relocation of anesthetic equipment during the exams add to the safety of your patient    [*] Excellent image quality for clear diagnostic results - Crisp and clear images without blurred edges and the ability to zoom into every tiny detail support the value of your diagnose without the need of additional imaging and thus radiation exposure    [*] Excellent interfacing possibilities - You can connect endoscopy and ultrasound systems to UROSKOP Access and view images side-by-side with X-ray    [*] Freely programmable table heights and tilts - This provides a comfortable working position for you and easy mounting for your patient as well as ground-feet position during video urodynamic procedures    [/list]

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