Precision Medical - 3MFA1XXX
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The Select Flowmeter allows you more treatment options from one gas source

Precision Medical Select Flowmeter 3MFA1XXX

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[list]      [*] Easy to Use - Simply push the button on the bottom of the unit and rotate the desired port to the large "ON" arrow for treatment. This shuts off gas from one port and redirects it to the port to which another device is connected      [*] Durable - Combines the durabilty of a metal flowmeter with its male connection along with a tough nylon body      [*] Versatile - Allows you to direct the output of the flowmeter to any ONE of the three outlet connections      [*] Save Time - Deliver a nebulizer treatment without disconnecting the humidifier      [*] Eliminate Clutter - Multiple ports that allow you to leave the cannula, humidifier, and nebulizer hooked up to th eoulet for easy treatment whenever needed      [/list]

Additional Specifications

Gas: Oxygen      Flow Range: - L/min      Cal. Pressure at 70 °F: 50 psi (60 psi AU) [72 psi CL]      Flush Flow: 60-80 (60-90) [70-100]      Accuracy: 0-5 ± 25; 6-15 ± .50

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