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Anti-gravity treadmill pro

The AlterG® Pro 200+ uses NASA’s innovative differential air-pressure technology to unweight athletes with an unparalleled level of precision. Users can achieve up to 80% reduction of full body weight impact, adjustable in as little as 1% increments, providing a truly customized and dialed-in work out and rehab experience.        The Pro 200+ is designed to deliver the ultimate experience in physical therapy and training for athletes, demanded by the world’s best professional sports teams. Its large chamber, reinforced structure, and high top speeds make the AlterG Pro 200 + an elite level treadmill for any athletic training or therapy facility.

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7 years ago
PM manual / checksheet
Does anyone have the maintenance manual for an AlterG F320 or know where I might find a soft copy?Reply


[list]    [*] Start physical therapy sooner following injury or surgery    [*] Undertake more challenging rehab programs, achieving better results and return to competition in a shorter time-frame    [*] Increase training volume, without increasing the risk of injury    [*] Maintain and even gain fitness while they rehab    [*] Stay engaged and motivated with objective, data-driven feedback    [*] Increasing mileage and pace without compromising recovery    [*] Reducing impact during plyometric and strengthening exercises    [*] Complete biomechanical training—lateral, backwards, and form drills    [*] Conducting over-speed training and promoting better leg turnover    [/list]

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