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Smoke Evacuation System 

Reduces risk of infection: The AER DEFENSE system captures and filters surgical smoke to remove potentially hazardous and infectious bacteria and viruses from the environment. This reduces the risk of contracting infections for surgical personnel. Additionally, this system removes noxious odors from the operating site, ensuring a more pleasant OR experience. Quietly efficient: This system is powered by a dual-stage motor, which allows for more efficient suction capabilities. It also results in less nosie production - AER DEFENSE is 11% (7dBA) quieter than ConMed’s previous smoke evacuator model. Impressive functionality and efficiency: Designed to provide exceptional versatility in the OR, AER DEFENSE offers four specialized operational modes: Automatic, Laparoscopic, Continuous and Footswitch Activation. This allows surgical staff their choice of activation and usage. The AER DEFENSE system uses ULPA graded FilterOne, which has 99.9995% efficiency at 0.1Μ (micron) particle size, providing incredibly effective filtration and cleaning. The life of these filter is calculated by airflow, allowing for a longer filter life of 35 hours.

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  • Four different modes of operation, making it the most versatile smoke evacuator on the market.
  • 11% (7 dBA) quieter than our previous model.
  • The ULPA-grade filter has 99.9995% efficiency at 0.1 micron particle size.
  • Filter life of up to 35 hours.
  • The AER DEFENSE coupled with the ConMed GoldVac Smoke Evacuation Pencil provides an exceptional combination to protect your staff and patients from the hazards of surgical smoke in the OR.

Additional Specifications

  • Shipping Weight: 23 lb.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 24" x 15" x 18".

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