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Aurora 3 dual light head model AUT55 comes complete with everything you need for a successful installation; ceiling cover, dual radial arm, two VST’s, two BOM’s, two AUT5 (25 inch diameter) light heads, two CF handles, and wall control. Please specify your ceiling height for appropriate head clearance.                 Skytron’s Aurora 3 is designed to deliver a higher standard of safety and efficiency. With the unique Vertically Segmented Reflector Design (VSRD), the lights reduce shadows and give you a clear, homogenous spot. In addition, the 360° rotation, stunning color accuracy and selectable color accuracy and selectable color temperature allow flexibility and precision, while the energy-efficient LEDs now feature an expected life of 40,000 hours.                 The Aurora 3 Series combines today’s most sophisticated technology and eco-friendly operation into one light. Best of all, the reliable performance allows you to keep your focus on the patient.

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a year ago
Wall unit problem.
My problem started about 3 months ago. I get a call that the dual light in one of my OR rooms is acting funny. When the light powers on it starts in the number 3 intensity, then after a couple seconds it jumps both touch pads back to 0. Once it does it the first time and you put it on the desired intensity level, it stays until the power is cycled again. So 3 months when trouble shooting I noticed if I unplugged the #1 light from the shared board, the #2 light started working like it was supposed to. I changed both boards and finally found the touch pad on the #1 light was causing the issue, but I’m still not sure how. It worked fine for 3 months. Now the #1 light has started doing the same thing again. I replaced both boards and touch pad with no results. I’m wondering if anyone else has I countered this problem as tech support says they have not. Thanks for any help.Reply


a year ago
40K hr indicator light on
The 40K hr indicator light is on for my Aurora 3 lights. Is there a way to reset it?Reply


3 years ago
Bulb replacement?
Can't find a service manual and Skytron is closed. Does anyone know what kind of bulb this takes?Reply


Bulb Life40000 hr
Weight237 lbs
Color Temperature4000 K to 4500 K
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