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For all your hemostasis management needs

The Hemochron Response Whole Blood Coagulation System is a dual-well microprocessor controlled testing instrument that offers an extensive menu for monitoring anti-coagulation therapy. Combined with the RXDX® Dosing system module, it can provide information for patient dosing, leading to improved outcomes and improved blood utilization.

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-Dr. Tamim Jaber
5 years ago
HRDM - ITC software
Hello, Any one can help me with the DATA MANAGER software for thr ACCRIVA RESPONSE 3 I need to install it under windows 10 64bit , my software is version 3 and can't run on win10 many thanks Reply


[list]        [*] Gold Standard ACT Tube technology provides confidence in results        [*] Comprehensive point-of-care coagulation menu standardizes testing and improves efficiencies        [*] Dual test well capabilities for heparin dosing protocols and improved patient management        [*] Enhanced data management features to assist with regulatory compliance                Test Menu:        [*] Celite® Activated Clotting Time (ACT)        [*] Kaolin ACT        [*] Glass Particulate Activated ACT        [*] Heparin Response Test (HRT)        [*] Protamine Response Test (PRT)        [*] Protamine Dose Assay (PDAO)        [/list]


Height8 in
Length 7 in
Weight6 lbs
Width10 in
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