Ritter - CleanTec AB80
by Ritter

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The unique front-loader tabletop device with 80 liters capacity!

The Ritter CleanTec pulse vacuum autoclave AB80 is a big-sized automatic high pressure and temperature autoclave, which uses pressure steam as medium. It is suitable for sterilizing articles like dressings, utensils, Class N and B cavum equipment, medical catheters that are used for surgical purposes.

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a year ago
Ritter - CleanTec AB80

need service manual 

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[list]    [*] Micro-computer control, touch-key    [*] Automatic process-control in terms of water filling, pulse vacuum, heating, sterilization, steam exhaust and vacuum dryness    [*] Pulsant final vacuum drying system ensures the best drying effects    [*] Built-in steam generator and steam separator, in order to ensure the quality of the steam    [*] Equipped for instruments, instrument bags, dressings, rubber items    [*] User-defined sterilization programs according to the customer's needs    [*] Liquid program optionally available    [*] Bowie-Dick test and vacuum test programs    [*] The 0.22Μm filter guarantees sterile air in the chamber preventing a recontamination    [*] LCD-Display indicates temperature, time, pressure and cycle process    [*] Automatic alarm control in case of errors and cycle completion    [*] Internal printer    [/list]


Height560 cm
Length 630 cm
Width1001 cm
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