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Multi-Purpose Stretcher-Chair

TransMotion Medical is committed to reducing staff injury and patient fall risk while improving throughput. Handheld, pendant-controlled powered leg, back and height adjustments eliminate hydraulic, pneumatic or manual positioning thereby reducing the risk associated with those movements. With the ability to convert from chair to stretcher configuration at the push of a button, patients can travel from admission to procedure to discharge on ONE SURFACE. Reducing or eliminating patient transfers can minimize the risk of injury to patients and staff as well as reduce the amount of equipment needed to complete the care cycle.

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-Rohullah Ostowar
a year ago
Battery life
After how long we need to change battery for the chair? What is the part number for brake pads?Reply


-Transmotion TMM4
4 years ago
replacement dual battery and power cord
do you sell replacement dual battery and power cordReply


7 years ago
TMM4 Multi-Purpose Stretcher-Chair

Take a look at the TransMotion Medical TMM4 Multi-Purpose Stretcher-Chair Series. If you would like additional information on options and accessories visit our website



TMM4 Multi-Purpose Stretcher-Chair


  1. Exceptional Powered Patient Positioning for safe patient handling     
  2. Push-Button Pendant Control for smooth and safe operation     
  3. Large Radiolucent Back Section for imaging procedures     
  4. Auto-extending Footrest     
  5. Memory Foam Cushions for enhanced patient comfort     
  6. Swing-and-Tuck Side Rails for easier and safer patient ingress/egress     
  7. Manual Quick Release Back     
  8. Space-Saving Footprint     
  9. Two Quick-Change Batteries and Wall-Mount Charger     


Patient Weight Capacity500 lbs
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