Medela - Basic Suction Pump
by Medela

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Provides reliable high vacuum for a variety of applications in hospitals, clinics and medical practices.

The Medela Basic is a truly innovative and uniquely designed medical suction pump, offering new standards of hygiene, ease of use and low noise levels.    The smooth, single-piece hood design facilitates cleaning. The materials can withstand potent disinfection agents.    The CleanTouch on/off button on the housing lets the person operating the pump switch it on and off with a simple touch: there are no gaps or grooves and so there is less risk of contamination.    The membrane vacuum regulator builds up the vacuum within seconds, making the Basic Suction Pump suitable for applications that demand rapid suction and quiet operation.

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[list]        [*] Easy to use: the Basic is so intuitive to use that no special training is necessary        [*] Rapid vacuum build-up        [*] Whisper-quiet operation reduces distraction during surgery        [*] The rounded design, soft edges and CleanTouch on/off button reduce the time needed for routine cleaning        [*] Swiss precision and quality parts make the Basic a reliable device for all suctioning needs        [/list]

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