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AB Series

The Eckel Audiometric Sound Booth is the most practical and economic unit available - high quality booth specially engineered to provide outstanding acoustic performance. It is designed for medical offices and clinical applications, school hearing testing, and industrial hearing conservation programs.        The advanced design of the Eckel AB Series Booths features all-welded unitized construction, acoustic integrity, as well as durability. No other audiometric booth on the market offers this superior construction and quality.

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[list]    [*] Unique, Proven Design: Unitized all-welded construction ensures reliable acoustic performance and dependable noise reduction.    [*] Size: Comfortable and efficient, the Audiometric Booth offers ample interior space, yet is compact enough to readily pass through a standard door opening.    [*] Easy, Comfortable Access: Our large side entry door allows ease of access to persons of all ages. The roomy interior is spacious enough to accommodate a mother and child or those who would have difficulty entering and sitting in most mini booths.    [*] Door: Overlapping with continuous perimeter magnetic seals.    [*] Window: Square framed, double-glazed acoustic window with an interior sound absorbing barrier. Allows for excellent visual observation and monitoring.    [*] Ventilation: Silenced forced air ventilation is activated when the light is turned on. Noise levels comply with ANSI standards.    [/list]


Eckel - AB-200

Eckel - AB-2000

Eckel - AB-4230

Eckel - AB-4240

Eckel - AB-4250

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