Steri-Dent - 200
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Dry Heat Sterilizer

The Steri-Dent 200 Dry Heat Sterilizer is a 2 tray model that kills bacteria by reaching 320 F (160 C) without moisture, and will not dull sharp instruments. Dry heat sterilization works without pressure, steam, or chemicals, which increases safety.        The Steri-Dent 200 can also be used to dry wet packs or operate as a back up sterilizer in your practice - the perfect complement to an autoclave.        The sterilizer is often used in dental offices or nail salons, and is not ideal for use as the single sterilizer in a large office due to the longer turnaround time.

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[list]    [*] The best method for sharp instruments - kills bacteria without moisture and will not dull sharp instruments    [*] Maintenance-free - Requires no routine cleaning    [*] Safe and simple to operate - Works without pressure, steam, or chemicals for safety and features a rapid-start heating element for fast operation    [*] Convenient - Utility trays can be sterilized with lids on and be stored without contamination    [*] High-quality - Stainless steel construction means no rust - ever    [/list]


Chamber Volume6.08 L
Chamber Width11.25 in
Height9.5 in
Chamber Height4.75 in
Length 10.5 in
Chamber Depth7.5 in
Width15.5 in
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