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A revolution in patient care

Xltek's breakthrough EMU40EX amplifier – featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology – offers both continuous patient monitoring and data security. Patient surveillance is of prime importance in epilepsy monitoring.    
With the EMU40EX's innovative extended-range Bluetooth wireless technology, patients can move freely about the clinical area while still being monitored. EEG data is recorded on flash memory in the wearable unit and uploaded when the patient plugs back in, guaranteeing no data is lost or compromised.   
The Bluetooth connection from the patient's breakout box to the EMU40EX base unit is strictly point-to-point. Data cannot be intercepted or received by any other Bluetooth-enabled device in the area.   
Setting the industry standard   
Designed specially for EMU facilities, the EMU40EX can also be used for clinical EEG and some in-lab Sleep studies. It offers 40 clearly marked AC channels that allow for full 10-20 electrode placement. In addition, oxygen saturation and pulse rate channels are available from the integrated oximeter. Plus, there are 4 extra DC channels available on the base unit. Lastly, a photic-stimulator interface and a patient-event-switch interface complete the EEG functionality.   
The EMU40EX is suitable for a variety of fixed and portable applications. It can be fixed to a wall or mounted on a variety of carts, with unique quick-disconnect options allowing to move the unit easily and safely where you need it.   
From a range of channel inputs to extended-range wireless monitoring, this innovative amplifier has all the features needed for brain monitoring in an EMU.

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