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General surgical table with the radiolucency and precise mobility of an imaging table.

The most advanced, versatile surgical table on the market. The Cmax table is designed to support advancements in surgical procedures and imaging techniques and has six patented innovations, truly separating it from all other tables

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5 years ago
Looking for service manual for Steris CMAX Surgical Table
Looking to see if anyone has a copy of the service/maintenance manual for a Steris CMAX 110 surgical table? The part number i have for the manual is P764333267. We are trying to find instructions for calibration of the hand control sensor. Any help is greatly appreciated! Reply


7 years ago
Display code
I have a cmax that displays "battery mode" when i plug in the power cable any idea what the problem is?Reply


8 years ago
Steris Cmax operating Table

I am writing this from Australia. I have a Streris Cmax surgical table, serial number: 15035 ID: 60600.

It is around 10 years old. We have a agent here in Australia who loaded a new software on this table last year. The software versions are as follows: TCV: 1.56  HCV:1.30.

Ever since the new software was loaded, we started having intermitted issues with the table. Fault we have caught so far is as follows:

When the level function on the hand control is used with the correct foot end plugged into the table, the table works ok.

When the level function on the hand control is used without the foot end plugged it, the main motor continues to drive itself. I have noticed the foot end interconnector does not move when the level function is used without the foot end plugged in. This causes the main pump motor to continue to drive itself to level the table in the background while the surgeon is operating. Its hard to hear the motor running, however it continues to run in the background. After running in the background for 15 minutes or so, the motor overheats itself and cuts off with thermal fuse. Then if the operator tries to use any function on the table, the table will not respond at all. Only function available at time is slide, because slide has its own motor.

When the main pump motor cools down, the table operates as normal again.


I think this is a software related issue. Denyers who are one of the repair agents cannot upgrade or downgrade the software on this table because they are unable to communicate with the table with e-serve.

Can someone please provide me the last/correct software for this table along with the service software, where I will be able to load it into the cpu.

I have tried e-serve 1.05 and also tried Cmax 110 flash loader V1.0 but I am unable to communicate with the table. Can you please tell me why I am unable to communicate with the table.

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[list]  [*] ZIP SLIDE™ (patent pending): 18" (454 mm) of tabletop slide maximizes C-arm access.   [*] INTELLI-POWER™ (patent pending): truly independent dual power modes that also provide continuous auto-diagnostics.   [*] HI-LOCK™ (patent pending): allows for quick and easy removal of the leg section with safety lock feature.   [*] AUTO LIMIT SENSOR™ (patent pending): informs and prevents sectional articulation conflict.   [*] KIDNEY™ (patent pending): extremely compact, motorized, radiolucent kidney elevator.   [*] E-SERVE™ accurately diagnoses and/or repairs your equipment.  [/list]


Height26 in to 45"
Tredelenburg 30 degrees
Lateral Tilt20 degrees
Patient Weight Capacity1100 lbs Patient Support, including raise / lower

Additional Specifications

Sliding top: 18" (454 mm)   Back section: -40° / +90°   Leg section: -105° / 0   Patient Weight Capacity:   1,100 lb (499 kg) Patient Support, including raise / lower   1,000 lb (454 kg) Patient Posturing (table top not slid)   600 lb (272 kg) Patient Posturing, including table top slide

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