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Smoke evacuation system 

ATMOS has introduced a smoke evacuation system for the OT  the AtmoSafe  a device which is used mainly in the laser and aesthetic surgery. Electrosurgical cutting and coagulation develop toxic fumes and build up unpleasant smells in the operating field - an obscured view and health risks are the result  
The smoke evacuation system AtmoSafeprotects both staff and patients fromthese toxic fumes, to the extent thatdoctors have a clear view in the OT, it prevents unpleasant smells, eliminates airborne viruses and carcinogenic substances. This cannot be done by a usual surgical suction device.  
The advantage of the AtmoSafe is, that it is almost noiseless and very economical to run due to the special ULPA filters.Because of the automatic activation system, suction can be had as required. ATMOS grants 6 years guarantee on the brush-free blower.Thanks to the unique combination ofthe special gas filter with the ULPA filter, staff and patients are also protected from papilloma viruses, ammoniac emissions and hydrogene cyanide vapours.  
ATMOS also offers a wide range of consumables for the AtmoSafe e.g. suction funnel, suction cannulae, pre-filter and a standard rail with the relevant pivot mounted arm.

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-Bilal Javed
5 years ago
E1 Error
Good Evening, Please can anyone guide me about E1 error in this equipment?Reply


  • Creates a clear view in the operating field 

  • Prevents obnoxious smells 

  • Removes airborne particles, viruses, gases and   carcinogenic substances

  • Directly from the manufacturer  

  • Including joint arm with 3 joints for fixation to standard rail

Additional Specifications

  • Noise level 52 dB (A) @ 1m (acc. to ISO 7779)  
  • Power consumption approx. 400 W  
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 210 x 410 x 370 mm (without filter); 420 mm (with filter)  
  • Weight 14 kg  
  • Classifications protection class (EN 60601-1): I; degree of protection: type CF defibrillator protected; protection category: IPX 0; OT-Foot switch: IPX8; Office-Foot switch IPX1; class I; (acc. to appendix IX, directive 93/42/EEC)
  • Voltage range 
  • AtmoSafe Europe: 230 V~ 50 Hz; 
  • AtmoSafe World switchable: 100 V~ 50-60 Hz or 120 V~ 50-60 Hz or 230 V~ 50-60 Hz  
  • Ambient conditions 
  • Operation +10°...+40°C; 20...80 % rel. humidity, non-condensing air pressure 700...1060 hPa  
  • Appliance air flow: Controlled 650 l/min ±10% Turbo up to 800 l/min free blower flow 1600 l/min

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