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Hologic-s Lorad M-IV Series

The M-IV Superior Breast Imaging The M-IV Series of Mammography Systems delivers high quality breast images - consistently, efficiently, and easily. Incorporating the latest innovative technology, including Hologic unsurpassed image quality, while its automated features simplify operations and ensure consistent system performance. The HTC Grid provides dramatically improved image contrast in all tissue, even denser breasts.
The bi-angular x-ray tube has been designed with high-speed anode rotation for significantly higher mA loading and output, while maintaining tight focal spot size tolerances. This results in reduced exposure times, less motion, and improved imaging on both large and small focal spots.
The versatile M-IV series was developed to meet the needs of any breast imaging center. This high performance platform provides a comprehensive package of features to help busy practices perform at peak efficiency, making the M-IV series the ideal system for any setting.

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a day ago
Hi friends I am a biomedical engineer here in Mexico, and i got this equipment. The problem is that when my technicians want to use the auto-modes, sometimes they got this error: "Calculated Exposure time exceed back up time" . I dont know it has to do something with a bad technique. Also the images when that happens, the breast is totally white. Manually i do not have that problem.Reply


5 months ago
MIV Error 28
MIV Error 28

Equipment: Hologic - Lorad M-IV Series



a year ago
Too much scattered radiation
Good morning dear forum. I am seeking help in resolving a problem with a Lorad MIV mammography system. The problem is that there is too much scattered radiation outside the collimated area. As a test, I completely close the collimator and still cannot remove the scattered radiation. Could someone give me any suggestions to solve this problem? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. My e-mail: vicmaal@yahoo.com.mx Greetings.Reply
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  • Exceptional Patient Comfort, Convenience, and Precision - The soft lines and trim silhouette of the M-IV Series enhances patient comfort and ease of positioning, while the recessed face shield and narrow tube head permit flexible and relaxed positioning of the patient              
  • Improved Patient Management and Throughput - Patient Scheduling feature allows the technologist to enter up to 100 patients              
  • 3-Cell, 7 Position Automatic Exposure Control(AEC) Sensor - This automatic sensor can be positioned in any of seven locations, extending up to 12.5 cm from the chest wall to allow greater and more precise tissue sampling and accurate calculation of proper exposure technique. Even large breasts pose no problem with the increased range of extension
  • Automatic Collimation - Eliminates manual apertures. The field of view is adjusted according to the attached compression device, ensuring that the correct collimation has been selected      
  • HTC grid - High Transmission Cellular Grid provides higher contrast images        
  • Bi-angular X-ray Tube - Custom designed high performance tube for enhanced magnification views       
  • FAST Paddle - Exclusive fully automated self-adjusting tilt paddle, for more uniform compression


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