Philips Burton - Wave LED Magnifier
by Philips Burton

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The Philips Burton Wave LED Magnifier (WML35W45EC120) is a convenient, energy-saving 3.5 diopter magnifier. Users can control the light intensity and position with ease. This lamp comes standard with an edge clamp mount, but can also be purchased with additional accessories, including a floorstand mount or surface mount. The Philips Burton Wave LED Magnifier is a powerful, LED magnifying lamp that is efficient in form and function,. It contains two LED modules, which can be adjusted for brightness. The magnifier lamp is mounted onto a sturdy 45, 3-pivot K-Arm and heavy duty spring for drift-free positioning. If users desire stronger magnification, there are 4, 6, and 10 diopter lenses available as separate accessories. The sleek design of the Wave LED can fit seamlessly into any clinical settings, giving users access to a powerful, energy-efficient magnifying source. The magnifier is also equipped with a 9/4 hour automatic shut-off feature for energy savings.

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[list]    [*] Energy-saving features: 9/4 hour automatic shut off, and 50 - 100% sep dimming.        [*] Drift-free, self-balanced K-Arm structure.        [*] Equipped with two 6-watt dimmable LED modules.        [*] Shadow-free magnification and 3D magnification.        [*] Comes standard with table edge clamp.    [/list]


Weight10.5 lbs
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