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The Medtronic 5348 is a single-chamber temporary pacemaker that helps produce a healthy rhythm via precise electrical signals through wires that connect directly to the patient's heart.

Three dial knobs with simple, bold graphics provide visual indications of the default settings. The product's size, shape, location of critical controls, plastic cover, and visual and tactile indicators reduced the chance of inadvertent adjustments and other errors (e.g., damage from spillage).

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4 years ago
Instructions for use
Do you have the IFU for Medtronic 5348 Reply


6 years ago
QC check
Is there a specific QC check that should be done on this product either weekly, or monthly?Reply


6 years ago
Knob for a Medtronic - 5348 Temporary Pacemaker
Just checking to see if you have a knob for a Medtronic 5348 Temporary Pacemaker. I have a unit thats missing a knob.Reply


  • Intuitive operation makes it easy to use.
  • Reversible battery polarity allows quick battery changes.
  • Attaches easily to bed or IV pole. 
  • Expanded Therapy Options 
  • Increased sensitivity range (0.5 to 20 mV) to provide increased ability to sense p- and r-waves over other devices.
  • Provides rapid atrial pacing (to 800 ppm) to better manage atrial flutter
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Safety awareness ranges alert clinician to areas of caution.
  • New patient cable system uses protected electrical connections to increase patient safety.


Pacemaker TypeExternal Invasive

Additional Specifications

Dimensions 18.8 x 6.1 x 4.1 cm     Battery life     •Alkaline: 300 hours     •Lithium: 650 hours     Weight 283 gm (10 oz.) with battery     Modes VVI, VOO, AAI, AOO     Battery Type Standard 9 V, Alkaline, or Lithium     Base Pacing Rates 30-180 ppm

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