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The Model EV4543 is a single-chamber temporary cardiac pacemaker designed to provide acute therapeutic, prophylactic, and diagnostic pacing support.

The Model EV4543 is capable of operating in the demand or asynchronous modes and includes adjustable rate, output, and sensing controls. The EV4543 also has rate-tripling (x3) control which provides for high-rate pacing up to 450 ppm for use in rapid atrial stimulation. The Model EV4543 is powered by standard 9-volt batteries and is compatible with most endocardial and myocardial lead systems. This device comes complete with carrying case, arm straps, extension cable, and instruction manual. The Pace Medical MINIATURE Temporary Pacemaker, an external cardiac pacemaker with internal power source, offers short-term pacing support for a patient with myocardial infarction or temporary heart block. To prevent accidental selection of high rate atrial pacing, the switch knob must be lifted before it can be turned to the X3 position. The hinged, transparent cover will not fully close during high rate atrial pacing.

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4 years ago
Instruction Manual
I need a copy of the Instruction Manual for the Model EV4543.Reply


4 years ago
Output voltage endurance
I want to pace during RF ablation on the same electrode. Since the ablation is provided with a hi voltage at high frequency, I must know the pacer endurance to the external voltage (not a signal generated by a pacer) on its output between pinsReply


-Cano md
9 years ago
Pacing line


hi i have one question i want to get a pacemaker and i like this model but i want to know especially what kind of pacing line a need to get because i cant find if this model of pacemaker have to use a especiall model or type of pacing line or if this is a universal line!! Thanks!!



  • Single Chamber Pacing - 4 Modes
  • Rapid Atrial Pacing – 90 – 450 
  • Constant Voltage Output up to 12 volts
  • Ten second operating time during battery change
  • Pacing and Sensing LED indicators
  • Low Battery Indicate
  • Light weight - User Friendly
  • Collet Terminals


Pacemaker TypeExternal Invasive

Additional Specifications

Modes/Parameters - Values - Steps/Units
Modes - VVI, VOO -AAI, AOO
Basic Rates (ppm) - (30  150) - Variable
Rapid Stimulation (ppm)-(90 - 450)- Variable
Pulse Amplitude (Volts) - (0.2 - 12) - Variable
Pulse Width (ms) - (1.5) - Fixed
Sensitivity (mV) -(1.9 - 12)- Variable
Refractory Periods (ms) -(150 / 300)
Dimensions (cm) - (12.7 x 6.6 x 3.3)
Weight with battery - (238 grams
Battery Life - (800 hours)

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