Pace Medical - 4170 Bedside pacemaker
by Pace Medical

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The electronic modules are manufactured using the latest methods of surface mounted electronic assembly, at a state-of –the-art facility. The design features include control knobs for convenient, user-friendly operation, increased ranges for rate, output and sensitivity. In addition, it has a 15 volt maximum constant voltage output and a high-rate atrial pacing capability. A United States of America, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared autoclavable extension cable with a universal patient connector is included with each Bedside. This cable eliminates the need for any adapters.

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  • Single-Chamber Pacing - 4 Modes 
  • Rapid Atrial Pacing – 80-800 ppm 
  • Constant Voltage Output up to 12 volts 
  • Pacing and Sensing LED indicators 
  • Low Battery Indicator– LED and Tone 
  • Large Faceplate and knobs - User Friendly 
  • Built-in bedrail hanger 
  • Redel Terminal for quick easy connection 
  • Defibrillation Protected


Pacemaker TypeExternal Invasive

Additional Specifications

Modes/Parameters - Values - Steps/Units Modes - (VVI, VOO) - (AAI, AOO) Basic Rates (ppm) - (30  200) - Variable Rapid Stimulation (ppm) - (60-800) - Variable Pulse Amplitude (Volts) - (0.1-15) - Variable Pulse Width (ms) - (1.8) - Fixed Sensitivity (mV) - (0.2-16) - Variable Refractory Periods (ms)-(250)- Fixed Dimensions (cm)- (17.8 x 13.7 x 11.2) Weight with battery - 1,600 grams) Battery Life - (504 hours (2 x 9 V alkaline)

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